Pirate Workshop is a company of craftspeople who manufacture latex masks. Each new model is created by Guylaine Bisaillon or François Lacerte. Pirate offer more than 50 different models of masks with a variety of colours to choose from: caracter mask, Commedia dell’Arte, mask for balll, masquerades or carnivals, mask from the Italian and Japanese traditions and animal mask. Each mask is carefully hand-made.

Since the spring of 2018, the workshop has been bought by Dracolite, company creating medieval products. We are also in the process of integrating an online purchasing system to facilitate the acquisition of our products. You can view and download our catalog, browse our portfolio online or browse our shop.

Our Masks

Our masks are very durable and are suitable to be worn by students in a workshop setting, by professional actors on stage, or by anyone looking to stand out at a masked ball or party. They can also be used as decorative objects in the home and make great gifts and promotionals items. We are happy to custom create a completely unique model according to your specifications.

Our masks are made of latex, a material that gives softness and comfort as well as resistance. In fact, as you wear it, your own body temperature increases its flexibility. They are enhanced by beautiful colors. Several techniques of acrylic coloration are chosen to give each one of them their own warmth and expression.

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